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Millers Rd, Apiti
RD7 Feilding. 4777
New Zealand

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Our exquisite selection of soaps are gentle for the skin, with both the lavender, and naturally the rosemary and olive oil soaps containing olive oil to moisturise and promote smooth and silky skin. The calendula soap with calendula petals and sunflower oil helps restore skin exposed to the elements.


100% Vegetable Based Soap


  • Lavender Soap - NZ$ 4.50
  • Rosemary & Olive Oil Soap - NZ$ 4.50
  • Calendula Soap - NZ$ 4.50 

Our new exquisitely designed Lavender soap makes an ideal gift for any occasion. Olive oil based soap with organic lavender essential oil, hand made in small batches.

  • Lavender Soap Cake, 100g - NZ$ 7.00


Another variation of our new exquisitely designed Lavender soap is an organic glycerin soap with our high quality organic essential lavender oil.

  • Organic Glycerin Lavender Soap Cake, 100g - NZ$ 7.00

Lavender guest soaps come in shapes of different sea creatures (starfish, sea horse, fish, shell) and are packaged in purple organza bags.

  • Lavender guest soap - NZ$ 4.00